What county is highland indiana in?

Lake County is a county located in the U.S. In the US, the county seat is Crown Point. The county is part of Northwest Indiana and the Chicago metropolitan area, and contains a mix of urban, suburban and rural areas. The city grew up in America's Golden Age and prosperity extended to some of the best neighborhoods and architectural statements in the country.

Oak Park, where architect Frank Lloyd Wright began his original studio, is a museum of residential architecture. It is an attractive, typically Midwestern enclave of square streets, stately homes with shaded streets, and a shopping area next to the train station, which still functions as a major commuter terminal. This story repeats itself often; Riverside to the south is similar but with flowing curved streets and a park-like setting designed by Frederick Law Olmstead, famous for Central Park. The climate and “C” factors typical of the cost of living of large cities, overcrowding, crime and displacement are the main negative aspects.

Chicago's weather can be pleasant, but sometimes downright miserable. The lakeside location, facing the teeth of the storm path, and the northwest continental climate produce cold, snow, wind, storms, humid heat, and climate changes that are invigorating for some, but intolerable for others. The cost of living varies by neighborhood and lifestyle, but it's accelerating after years as a relative bargain for a big city. Violent crime continues to be a problem in some neighborhoods.

There are still some dirty and deteriorated areas that would make some people think twice. These facts undermine Chicago's statistical assessment. But we believe that the area offers a wide and complete variety of lifestyles, amenities and opportunities for most people willing to make some concessions; most should not be discouraged by the low ranking. Members receive 10 FREE city profile downloads per month, unlimited access to our calculator and detailed cost-of-living analysis, unlimited access to our DataEngine and more.

It is a unit of Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore and managed by the Indiana Department of Natural Resources.

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