What Channel is the Indiana State Championship On?

For viewers outside the BSIN coverage area, and geographic region, a live stream will be available on IHSAATV, org time life. All Indiana high school soccer state finals games can be watched live on your local Fox Sports Indiana channel actual time. The 5A Championship will be broadcast on Bally Sports Indiana Plus, an alternative channel, due to overlap with the Pacers game at Bally Sports Indiana standardized time. The Class A and 2A championships will air on Bally Sports Indiana, while the 3A and 4A championships will air on Bally Sports Indiana Extra, the network's second channel, due to overlap with Saturday's Indiana Pacers broadcast.

The IHSAA State Soccer Finals will be televised live on FOX Sports Indiana and FOX Sports Indiana Plus on Thanksgiving Friday and Saturday current location. Bally Sports Indiana Extra was formerly known as Bally Sports Indiana Plus; it was recently renamed.


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